Since Mel was once a preemie and taken such good care of, i want to give back. I have a TON of yarn and going to start knitting hats and booties for the preemies in the NICU in Grapevine, where she was born. Also bereavement burial blankets and such. In my spare time, if i get any LOL! Ive almost quit smoking for those following the blog, i will start then, once ive quit. ❤❤❤

If anyone would like to help, let me know. Im going to just start this on a whim!


Freebies for the month of May





Not pictured a grabber & clip on LED light



5-14-17 some pads and laxatives (2x the laxatives, more came the next day!)

Next month i think im putting them all together!!!



5/19/17 – Free shampoo & Conditioner, 4 free cans of cat food ( i wrote and asked for these) and they gave me 2 $2off coupons and 2 $1 off coupons! And some lotion.



And my tester shampoo freebies

shampoos 5/20/17


$22 running Paypal total from phone app

$22.06 Paypal from Ebates

$27.00 from Global Test Market

$.66 from Cash Wallet

$10 visa from surveys 

Another t-shirt not pictured