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Goddess of beer and grain

‘Many leagues Gilgamesh went through many leagues of darkness to find his answers. After eleven leagues the dawn light finally appeared. At the end of twelves leagues the sun streamed out!’ (P.17)

Still with Enkidu’s death fresh in mind, he was seeking any answers for his pain, or perhaps to bring his brother back to him in some way. So, he sought of the gods and goddesses for help.


Babylonian Goddess of Beer and the Grain!” Web. 22 July 2017.

‘Besides the sea she lives, the woman of vine, the maker, of wine; Siduri sits in the garden at the edge of the sea, with the golden bowl and golden vats that the god gave her. She is covered with a veil; and where she sits she sees Gilgamesh coming towards her, wearing skins, the flesh of the gods but in his body, but despair in his heart and face of one who has made a long journey…’ (p17)

“The Epic of of Gilgamesh” Web. 20 July 2017.