e-cig Quitting smoking journey tenaya

Day 3 of not smoking

Yes, I’ve somehow made it this far and not willing to stop. But when those moments come, watch out and RUN!!! LOL just kidding. I crave like mad which makes the beloved e-cig more evil to me. I’ve got a pack of smokes in my car, unopened, for over 3 days. It’s killing me! All I do know, is that I can’t smoke anymore, health wise. It’s making me beyond sick. I will be on Oxygen soon if I don’t.


So farewell cigarettes, hello e-cig. One of these days I’ll be done with them all. And speaking of, here’s the new e-cig I want. http://www.myvaporstore.com/SMOK-ProColor-225W-Kit-Purple-p/sm-prc23.htm