Books & School

So, I’m taking that lovely 4-weeker starting Monday! Yippee! *insert sarcasm*

Well, as usual, all classes need books and so does this one. The thing is, the bookstore wanted $116 to rent a book for 4 silly weeks. No thank you! So we snapped a pic of the ISBN, went to amazon on my phone and rented the book right there… in the bookstore… for $27!

Just thought it was funny!

I love Amazon!

Melody after school

She has had an excellent week so far. According to her teacher, she has been superb for the last two weeks! I’m so very proud of her!

Anyways, I thought she was looking extra cute today, and thought I should share. Enjoy!

Happy Melody

C’mon Mom, the sun is in my eyes!

90 Days Cigarette Free!

Yes, that’s right. 90 days, 3 months, however you prefer. I’ve made it this far, no point going back. I’ve even lowered my nicotine content by a little in the last month! Which was an accident, but that’s another story all together. So here I am! I can breathe better, despite the persistent asthma, and I can SMELL like nobody else. It’s great! It’s a party!


90 days Cigarette Free!!!