Orchid stuff

I hope this is not the highlight of the day, but here we go. I got this baby from Chad. It’s an espresso orchid. Well, all the flowers fell off, so i re-potted it. And I finally got it to stand up straight. LOL. 😁

Now onto school work

College Work

So, I went to the NCTC IT lab yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed my visit! I met my professor, which is rare with online classes. We figured out what was wrong with my assgnment, and I moved forward, finishing up the week!

Tomorrow (or today rather), I must go deal with my next 8 week classes, as I signed up for too many! OOPS!

I want to thank my friends and family for their support with my education. Dealing with my crazy awake time hours to complete assignments is hard. I tend to work mostly at night and crash out during the day. I know that is hard on everyone around me. I hope to be back on regular hours once I completely adjust to my new anxiety medication.

Love you all!