She is a unique little child that has gone through a lot. She was born through IVF on our first try, even though the dr told us we wouldn’t conceive. Then i lost most of my water at 25 weeks and was put on bed rest with preterm labor. My body thought it was time. She made it to 34 weeks, very healthy and happy. We were very blessed.
Her older sister and brother were forced to move to their dad’s in 2011, which tore a hole in her tiny heart! Shes been in therapy since. In the last 3 years, she’s been abused 3 times. Once in school, and twice by her middle brother.
We are on the road to healing. She sees a psychiatrist and therapist regularly and has tons of help at school, as shes just scared of people.As we move forward, we just love the mere blessing she is to us!