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New book!!

Worked really hard on this book on the kids in 2017! I’ll try to find free book coupons for those interested in it. Click here to see it all! However you may need an invite, if so email me! contact at the bottom of the page. The rest of my books can be seen on an alternate site, click here.

2017 book

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A birthday of a lifetime

What began as what seemed to be a million balloons on my floor, showed us all, and the children what freedom in life really is.
No time restraints and checking in, just enjoying eachother’s company for hours upon end. Two children, now free from their 6 year prison sentence.

I’m both shaking and crying as i write this. What a joyus day for the both of them!


When Summer first walks in, Melody wells up with tears and graps her tightly. She’s never been in our home, and Melody vividly remembers the years when she lived with us as a child.

The “Freedom Man” arrives to his birthday party!!


Love is shared amonst the family.

We all shared lunch at IHOP!!

The cake


The Birthday Speech!



Skipping rocks in the lake… Coming home sopping wet too, haha!

Funny faces at home


And their travels to meet their Aunt and Uncle’s home for the VERY first time!!

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Handmade wipes

I love these, i used to make similar for when Melody was a baby. But even at 9 she gets messy, and gets things messy LOL! So my sis was making wipes and i unloaded some fabric on her.  They came out gorgeous! Some are pieced together so they look quilted. Now i need to find a spot for all 34 of them! Thank you sweet sissy! 💗